FiberLocator Premium Layers

FiberLocator Premium Layers

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Get even more from FiberLocator with our optional Premium Layers thanks to our partnership with Mosaik Networks.

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Premium Layers Pricing

We offer cell data as an optional premium layer in FiberLocator*

With the addition of cell data, FiberLocator capabilities are more comprehensive than ever. The combined data sets of lit buildings, data centers, fiber routes, LTE cell coverage, and cell tower locations provide a unique view of who’s where in the world of telecom.

Network CoverageNetwork Coverage   Cell TowersCell Towers

What’s included with Premium Layers:

Cellular Network Coverage

  • FiberLocator has the network coverage for the five largest wireless providers in the U.S.
  • Coverage includes all 50 U.S. States and U.S. Territories
  • Zoom in to see if a particular wireless provider offers service in an area of interest, or zoom to max extent to see the full extent of their coverage.

Cell Towers

  • Locate over 172,000 cell towers
  • Opposed to the limited information provided elsewhere, our data has been scrubbed, verified and provided by a private, independent cell tower research provider
  • With the click of a button, you can access information such as: address, owner/operator, the site name, the asset type, the elevation and height, the date of construction, latitude and longitude coordinates, and more

How do I access this information?

Once “Cell Towers” and/or “Cellular Network Coverage” have been added to your FiberLocator account, you can view those layers in the FiberLocator application by either checking the box to the left of the “Premium Layers” category, or by expanding the “Premium Layers” category and then individually checking off the “Cell Towers” and/or “Cellular Network Coverage” boxes.  

*Thanks to our partnership with Mosaik Solutions.

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