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  1. Snapshots
    Price: $230.00

    FiberLocator Snapshots

    Snapshots are perfect when you need to look up telecom information or when you are early in a project – perhaps pitching it to other stakeholders. When you need a quick view of networks, data centers, or lit buildings in a specific area, a snapshot is your answer. FiberLocator Snapshot allows you to get a custom and detailed view of a location.
  2. Fiberlocator Online Subscription
    Price: $4,400.00

    FiberLocator Online Annual Subscription

    FiberLocator gives you on-demand access to telecom network and colocation information. Comprised of data from hundreds of CLECs and facilities-based carriers, as well as hundreds of thousands of lit buildings and data centers, FiberLocator is the tool to quickly and easily secure the most up-to-date industry information saving you considerable time and resources.