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  1. Snapshots
    Price: $200.00

    FiberLocator Snapshots

    Snapshots are perfect when you need to look up telecom information or when you are early in a project – perhaps pitching it to other stakeholders. When you need a quick view of networks, data centers, or lit buildings in a specific area, a snapshot is your answer. FiberLocator Snapshot allows you to get a custom and detailed view of a location.
  2. CCMI's Telecom Tools Suite
    Price: $15.00

    CCMI's Telecom Tools Suite

    CCMI's Telecom Tools Suite allows you to quickly calculate distances between rate and wire centers!
  3. 2018 Carrier Revenue Classification Report
    Price: $24.99

    2018 Carrier Revenue Classification Report

    Each year CCMI produces a Carrier Revenue Classification Report to help telecom professionals like you determine which companies' current rates comply with the FCC Order to Reform Intercarrier Compensation. The report includes OCN, State, Rate Center LATA, Revenue Type (Price-cap, Rate-of-return or CLEC) and the Carrier Name.
  4. 8YY: The FCC’s Plan to Eliminate Arbitrage in the Toll-Free Market

    Starting at: $10.00


    Area Code & LATA Maps

    CCMI’s Full-Color North American Area Code & LATA Maps Make It Easy To Pinpoint Area Codes, LATAs And Operating Company Territories.